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JourneySTORY & MyVIEW Founder Aryan Gupta

JourneySTORY & MyVIEW Founder Aryan Gupta

Born on 4th September 2005 in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Aryan Gupta is a young (17 Yrs. Old) and dynamic entrepreneur achieving remarkable success in the business world. Excelling in web development, graphics design, and writing. Aryan is the founder and CEO of two thriving platforms: and

Aryan is not only known for his impressive entrepreneurial endeavours but also for his insightful and inspiring quote: “The point is not you know the history, the point is how you create your history.” This profound statement reflects his belief in the power of forging one’s path and making a lasting impact on the world. was born out of Aryan’s vision to create a platform where individuals could freely share their personal, professional, and startup stories. It has since become a go-to destination for people seeking inspiration and connection through heartfelt narratives. Witnessing its growth and the positive impact it has on people’s lives brings immense joy to Aryan’s heart.

Many founders and CEOs of big companies have written their stories on the JourneySTORY platform. Firstly, the founder and CEO of Willstarmedia, Mangesh Shinde, whom you may know from his YouTube channel “The WillPower Star” with over 2.50 million+ subscribers. Secondly, Satish Kushwaha, the founder of a YouTube channel with 1.56 million+ subscribers. Also, Ajay Kalantri, the former CEO of and Pryank Agrawal, the CEO of have shared their stories, among many others. Even many IITians have written their stories of success.

Not stopping there, Aryan set his sights on empowering individuals further by founding This platform offers free personalized websites where people can showcase their work, achievements, thoughts, and ideas. has become a catalyst for creative expression, helping budding entrepreneurs and professionals to stand out in the digital world.

Throughout the entrepreneurial journey, challenges, setbacks, and triumphs have been encountered. The experiences, both highs and lows, have been documented in Aryan Gupta’s book titled “Stand Out from the Crowd: DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.” In this book, the lessons learned, strategies employed, and the mindset that fueled success are shared. The hope is that it serves as a beacon of inspiration for others, encouraging them to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Stand Out from the Crowd: DARE TO BE DIFFERENT” is available for purchase on Amazon and Flipkart making it accessible to anyone seeking guidance and motivation on their journey to success.

Passion for innovation and creativity has been the driving force behind the accomplishments. Aryan firmly believes in the power of self-expression and how it can transform lives. With and, the aim is to provide a platform for people to showcase their uniqueness and leave a lasting impact on the world.

As an entrepreneur, Aryan is constantly seeking new opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and entrepreneurship is always present, looking for ways to improve and expand the ventures. Witnessing the growth of the businesses founded and the impact they have on individuals and communities alike brings immense satisfaction.

The journey has been exhilarating, and Aryan is excited about the future. Join in on this thrilling ride as aryan continues to inspire, create, and make a difference in the digital world.

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Posted by Parivesh Garg (aknowmore media partner)

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