Fentanyl ruled as the cause of death for Adam Rich, former ‘Eight is Enough’ child star


Once kid entertainer Adam Rich, who featured during the 1970s Television program “Eight is Sufficient,” leaves a sheriff’s station subsequent to posting bail in City of Industry, Calif., Dec. 18, 2002. The Los Angeles Province Clinical Inspector Coroner’s office has administered the previous TV star’s demise this Jan. 7, 2023 at age 54 as a mishap. (AP Photograph/Jean-Marc Bouju)

Fentanyl governed as the reason for death for Adam Rich, previous ‘Eight is Enough’ kid star

The impacts of fentanyl are viewed as the reason for death for Adam Rich, the kid entertainer known as “America’s younger sibling” for his job on the hit family dramedy “Eight is Sufficient.”

The previous TV star’s demise this January has been governed a mishap by the Los Angeles Area Clinical Inspector Coroner’s office, as indicated by an examination report. Rich passed on in his Los Angeles home at age 54.

His fame came at only eight years of age as the mop-bested child raised by a single man paper feature writer in ABC’s “Eight is Sufficient.” A restricted acting vocation followed the show’s run from 1977 to 1981.

Rich had freely examined his encounters with discouragement and substance maltreatment a long time before he passed on. He tweeted in October that he had been clearheaded for a very long time after captures, numerous recovery stretches and a few excesses. He asked his adherents to never surrender.

He was captured in April 1991 for attempting to break into a drug store and again that October for supposedly taking a medication filled needle at a clinic while getting treatment for a disjoined shoulder. A DUI capture came in 2002 after he struck a left California Parkway Watch cruiser in a shut down expressway path.

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