Happy Birthday Messi: Meet His Childhood Crush Antonela Roccuzzo Who Later Became His Wife


Argentina’s star footballer Lionel Messi turned 36 on Saturday. The former PSG striker has won everything in the world of football. From Ballon d’Ors to World Cup medal, Messi’s cabinet is filled with many accomplishments. But he will too agree that his biggest prize till date is his wife, the love of his life, his wife Antonela Roccuzzo. She has been a pillar of strength from Messi over the years and is also among the most gorgeous WAGs in the football. 

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Did you know: Messi married cousin of his best friend

Yes, you read that right. Although Messi and Antonela met when they were kids and played in the streets of Rosario, they started talking to each other only thanks to his best friend Lucas Scaglia. Antonela happens to be the cousin of Scaglia. Messi and Scaglia used to play for Newell’s Old Boys club. It was here that their friendships blossomed. Scaglia once invited Messi at his home for a party. Messi met and talked to Antonela and there began a love story. The two started to like each other and before they both knew it themselves, they had fallen in love. But then came the separation. Messi had to leave for Barcelona in 2004 to pursue a career in the sport. It was a tough decision and they both ended the beautiful chapter.

Antonela went through a tough time as she lost her best friend in a car accident. Messi, realising his ex-girlfriend was in so much, pain booked a flight back to his home to be with her. Since then, he has not left her alone and began dating again.

Antonela came to Spain with Messi. They started living together in Barcelona. In 2012, the couple welcomed their first child. Five years later, Messi married Antonela in 2017. Today, Messi and Antonela are blessed with three children: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

Messi’s wife was there in Qatar when Argentina superstar lifted the FIFA World Cup, his first in the national colours. Antonela’s happiness knew no limits as she watched Messi become emotional after Argentina beat France in the final of the World Cup.

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