Jadakiss Offers Pusha T & Jim Jones Advice Amid Beef


Jadakiss has given a word of advice to Pusha T and Jim Jones amidst their growing feud, urging them to keep it all about the music.

The LOX rapper shared his considerations about Ruler Push and Capo’s conflict of words, which raised rapidly over the course of the past week after Push apparently blamed Jones for cozying up to his enemy Drake on a new unreleased Clipse tune.

“I could do without the fights,” Jada said during a meeting with Contraband Kev at the 2023 BET Grants. “I’m not actually competing for what’s the deal with that. Assuming it should work out, that is cool, however I could do without… It’s cool yet it ain’t cool for me. I could do without the matchup.”

He proceeded: “The two of them legends. It’s dependably dope when there’s no additional added substances… assuming it stays like that and assuming there’s no lines crossed beyond rap, I’ll adore it. Simply keep it rap.”

Last week, Jim Jones took to Instagram to answer the Clipse melody that made its presentation at Pharrell’s most memorable Louis Vuitton show as imaginative chief in Paris.

“That was not a Best 50 refrain,” Jones said on Instagram. “Not in any way shape or form. Still not in my Main 50.” He included the subtitle: “Haha [that] refrain didn’t make [the] list champ it was charming.” Jones then dropped a scorching diss melody called “Summer Assortment” track, which saw him brand Push’s sibling No Malignance a crackhead.

“These two bug n-ggas don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage no beam/Kanye gave you whips, yet that is how they treat the slaves,” he rapped, prior to adding: “I am My Name, yet they ain’t shouting yet/They discussing the rapper came, yet we ain’t seen it yet,” Jimmy spit.

The pair’s continuous hamburger is accepted to have originated from remarks the Dipset rapper recently made guaranteeing that Push is certainly not a Main 50 rapper.

While on the Rap Caviar Digital broadcast in April, Jim Jones shared his contemplations about Announcement and Energy’s 50 Biggest Rappers Ever list, which put Pyrex P at No.29.

“What has he done that places him in the best rappers ever close to discuss coke that he presumably didn’t get himself?” Jones inquired.

While he gave Push his blossoms as a lyricist, the Harlem local scrutinized his effect on the way of life by and large.

“He’s decent as poo. He could rap his butt off, however what has he done?” the Dipset rapper inquired. “No one has dressed like him. No one needs to resemble Pusha T. I don’t not recollect anything.

“Furthermore, we should not be underhanded, however we don’t discuss rap where the n-gga that is popping the bitches want to fuck and the n-ggas want to be like. I don’t know such a large number of n-ggas in this game that was inclining towards resembling Pusha T.”

He closed: “Pusha T don’t hold no weight around here. He not pushing no poo around here.”

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