Who Does Belly End Up With? End up marrying Conrad in “The Summer 1 Turned Pretty”


who does belly end up with? In “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” the beloved young adult series by Jenny Han, readers are captivated by the intriguing love triangle involving the protagonist, Belly, and the Fisher brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah. Throughout the series, Belly’s journey of self-discovery and her relationships with both Conrad and Jeremiah keep readers eagerly anticipating the final revelation: who will she ultimately choose? The series explores the complexities of love, the challenges of decision-making.

who does belly end up with

who does belly end up with

Introduction: who does belly end up with?

Who does belly end up with? In the popular young adult series “The Summer I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han, the protagonist, Belly, finds herself caught in a love triangle. Throughout the series, readers are left wondering who Belly will ultimately end up with Conrad or Jeremiah. This blog post will delve into the complexities of Belly’s relationships with Conrad and Jeremiah, her journey of self-discovery, and the final revelation that determines her ultimate choice.

The Love Triangle

The love triangle in “The Summer I Turned Pretty” revolves around Belly and the Fisher brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly has known them since childhood, spending every summer at the beach house with their families. As she grows older, her feelings for both brothers become more complicated, setting the stage for a captivating love story.

Belly’s Relationship with Conrad

Early Attraction

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From the moment Belly laid eyes on Conrad, there was an undeniable attraction. Conrad, the brooding and mysterious older brother, had a certain allure that intrigued Belly. Their initial connection was filled with a mix of chemistry and tension, setting the foundation for a complicated relationship.

Ups and Downs

Belly’s relationship with Conrad was far from perfect. Their journey was filled with ups and downs, as they navigated through misunderstandings, disagreements, and the challenges of growing up. Despite their differences, their deep connection and shared history kept drawing them back to each other.

The Complexity of Their Connection

The complexity of Belly’s connection with Conrad stemmed from their shared past, which was intertwined with family dynamics, personal secrets, and hidden emotions. Their relationship was a rollercoaster of intense moments and heartbreak, leaving readers wondering if they were meant to be together or if they would drift apart.

Belly’s Relationship with Jeremiah

A Comforting Presence

Jeremiah, the younger brother, provided Belly with a sense of comfort and stability. He was always there for her, offering unwavering support and friendship. Jeremiah’s caring nature and genuine affection for Belly created a strong bond between them.

Growing Feelings

As Belly matured, so did her feelings for Jeremiah. What started as a close friendship gradually developed into something more. Jeremiah’s unwavering devotion and understanding made it difficult for Belly to ignore the possibility of a deeper connection.

The Struggles of Timing

Despite their growing feelings for each other, Belly and Jeremiah faced challenges when it came to timing. Timing played a significant role in their relationship, as they had to navigate through life’s uncertainties and the complexities of their own emotions.

Belly’s Journey of Self-Discovery

Personal Growth

Throughout the series, Belly undergoes a transformative journey of self-discovery. She learns more about herself, her desires, and what truly matters to her. As she navigates the complexities of love and relationships, Belly grows as an individual, gaining insight into her own needs and aspirations.

Understanding Her Feelings

Belly’s journey also involves understanding her feelings for Conrad and Jeremiah. She reflects on the different dynamics she shares with each of them and explores the depth of her emotions. This self-reflection becomes crucial in her decision-making process.

Making a Decision

In the end, Belly is faced with the difficult task of making a decision. After soul-searching and considering the various factors, she must choose between Conrad and Jeremiah. The choice she makes will have a significant impact on not only her own happiness but also the lives of those involved.

The Final Revelation

The final revelation in “The Summer I Turned Pretty” brings closure to the love triangle and unveils who Belly ends up with. Without revealing any spoilers, the resolution ties up loose ends, providing readers with a satisfying conclusion to the series.


Why is Her Name Midriff in The Pre-summer I Turned Pretty?
In the book series “The Mid year I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han, the legend’s name is Isabel, but she is heartily called “Stomach” by her family and dear mates. The clarification for her moniker is uncovered in the series, adding significance and personalization to her character.

Belly’s sobriquet starts from her life as a young person when her father warmly started calling her Stomach due to her warmth for Jam Midriff sweets. This beguiling term of adoration transformed into a phenomenal sobriquet that her father used to address her, and it gradually transformed into a piece of her personality inside her family circle.

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The moniker “Stomach” holds nostalgic worth and fills in as an indication of Stomach’s close by bond with her father, bringing out cherished memories of their time together. It tends to the love and warmth split between them, as well as the peppy and carefree nature of Midriff’s childhood.

While Stomach sometimes imparts a desire to be alluded to by her given name, the moniker as “Stomach” is significantly pervaded in her relationship with her loved ones. It transforms into a picture of shared characteristic, closeness, and the strong affiliations she bestows to her family and closest friends, particularly all through their pre-summer social events at Cousins Sea side.

All through the series, the usage of Stomach’s moniker adds an extra layer of validity to her character. It shows the dynamic and creating nature of associations inside the story, as well as the sensation of custom and wistfulness related with their pre-summer customs. The sobriquet “Stomach” transforms into a piece of her personality and elements her noteworthy person and the well disposed bonds she grants to those closest to her.

Does Waist Marry Conrad?
In “The Mid year I Turned Pretty” book series, the nearby association among Stomach and Conrad goes through various energizing curves in the street. While their affiliation is apparent, their cycle is stacked up with high places and depressed spots. Towards the completion of the series, it is uncovered that Stomach does, honestly, end up wedding Conrad.

All through the books, Waist’s expressions of warmth for Conrad are clear, and she has esteemed him for an enormous piece of her life. Regardless, Conrad fights to convey his sentiments and keeps his feelings hidden away. Regardless of their significant affiliation, Conrad stays distant, causing Gut to research a relationship with Jeremiah, Conrad’s more young kin, who straightforwardly returns her glow.

In the last book of the series, “We’ll Consistently Have Summer,” Stomach and Jeremiah are in a serious relationship and go to a comparable school. In any case, disarrays arise when Belly finds that Jeremiah had been with someone else all through a break in their relationship. This prompts their partition and a period of self-disclosure for Waist.

Finally, Stomach reconnects with Conrad while focusing on abroad in Spain. They restore their relationship, and the book wraps up with their important day. Midriff and Conrad’s heartfelt story is addressed by serious areas of strength for a where they bob into the ocean during a weighty tempest, establishing their affiliation.

Who Plays Conrad in The Mid year I Turned Pretty?
He gained appreciation for portraying James Linton in the individual film “Dalíland” and Conrad Fisher in the Amazon Prime Video series “The Pre-summer I Turned Pretty.” Christopher Briney, brought into the world on Walk 24, 1998, is an American performer lofty for his famous shows in various manifestations.

Brought into the world in Hartford, Connecticut, Christopher Briney comes from a family with an establishment in acting. His people met in New York City, and he has one sister. He acknowledged his tutoring at Waterbury Articulations Magnet School, where he presumably encouraged his energy for imaginative articulation. In 2015, Briney had the likely opportunity to extra step up his capacities by participating in a careful five-week theater program at Wesleyan School.

In 2016, Briney made a gigantic move to New York City, where he enrolled at Speed School. He conceded to seeking after a work in acting and successfully graduated with a Solitary man of Expressive expressions (BFA) degree in 2020. While considering, Briney offset his educational advantages with work at a Shipper Joe’s store arranged in the powerful Lower East Side of the city.

As of June 2023, Christopher Briney abides in the region of Brooklyn, New York. This prospering innovative neighborhood serves as a fitting setting for a performer searching for open entryways and creative turn of events. With his capacity and responsibility, Briney continues to turn out to be notable in news sources, enchanting groups with his presentations on both the big screen and television.


“The Summer I Turned Pretty” captivates readers with its intriguing love triangle and complex characters. Belly ‘s journey of self-discovery, her relationships with Conrad and Jeremiah, and the ultimate revelation make for a compelling read. The series explores the complexities of love, timing, and personal growth, leaving readers engrossed until the very end.

People Also Ask:

  1. Q: Does Belly end up with Conrad or Jeremiah? A: To find out who Belly ends up with, it’s best to read the series and experience the journey yourself.
  2. Q: Are there any other significant characters in the series? A: Yes, there are several other important characters who play crucial roles in Belly’s story. Exploring the series will introduce you to their compelling narratives.
  3. Q: What makes “The Summer I Turned Pretty” unique? A: The series stands out for its heartfelt exploration of relationships, personal growth, and the complexities of young love. Jenny Han’s storytelling captivates readers with its authenticity and relatable characters.
  4. Q: Is “The Summer I Turned Pretty” suitable for all age groups? A: The series is primarily targeted towards young adult readers but can be enjoyed by readers of various age groups who appreciate coming-of-age stories and heartfelt romance.
  5. Q: Where can I get access to “The Summer I Turned Pretty” series? A: You can find the series at your local bookstore, online retailers, or consider visiting your nearest library for a copy.

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