YouTuber Colleen Ballinger posts 10-minute ukulele video denying child grooming accusations


Following accusations that she had inappropriate relationships with young fans, YouTuber Colleen Ballinger is responding in a 10-minute ukulele video denying she groomed children.

The famous YouTube comedian is known for her viral character “Miranda Sings,” and she has garnered more than 22 million followers across several YouTube channels. Her comedic online persona earned her a large fanbase which included many young children.

Ballinger posted a video named “hello.” Wednesday, answering claims about her associations with extremely youthful fans. Through ukulele melody, she depicted the charges against her as a feature of “the harmful tattle train.”

“Certain individuals are expressing things about me that simply aren’t correct,” the YouTuber said toward the beginning of her video. “Despite the fact that my group has firmly prompted me not to express out loud whatever I will say, I understood they never said I was unable to sing about what I need to say,” she added.

Ballinger zeroed in on denying the allegation that she “prepped” youthful fans, and on second thought said she informed her fans in “to a greater extent a failure way.”

“I was simply attempting to be best pals with everyone,” the YouTuber said. “It was similar to when you go to a family social event, and there’s a bizarre auntie there who continues coming dependent upon you and being like ‘hello young lady, what’s the tea?’ And you’re like, ew. That was me. Yet, in bunch talks with my fans. It was odd.”

“I haven’t done that in years, you see,” Ballinger then added, “because I changed my way of behaving and I took responsibility.

“Allow me to attempt to help: Here and there individuals commit an error, and it doesn’t make them a terrible individual, woah,” she kept on singing.

Ballinger additionally discredited the “harmful tattle train” focusing on her. “Thought you believed me should accept responsibility, yet that is not the mark of your horde mindset,” Ballinger happened all through the tune. “you want to demolish the existence of the individual you scorn, while you perform your falsehoods and adapt their destruction.”

“I’m certain you’re disheartened” in the tune, she added. “I realize you believed me should say that I was 100 percent off base/well I’m sorry I won’t take that course/of owning up to falsehoods and reports that you compensated for clout.”

What are the Colleen Ballinger charges?
Charges about Ballinger’s associations with her youngster fans previously surfaced in 2020. YouTuber Adam McIntyre posted a video charging that Ballinger had an unseemly individual kinship with him when he was somewhere in the range of 13 and 16, and at one point sent him underwear as a joke.

NBC revealed more insights concerning a supposed gathering visit with fans where Ballinger purportedly posed inquiries about bunch individuals’ “most loved position” and encouraged a youngster to chat on his YouTube channel about whether he was a virgin.

Drifter distributed interviews with some of Ballinger’s fans, including one who depicted an episode caught on record in which Ballinger purportedly extended her legs open in front of an audience during a show. The fan, distinguished as Becky, was 16. HuffPost distributed a comparative report subsequent to exploring screen captures of texts from fans who claimed Ballinger “prepared” them.

After Ballinger transferred her ukulele video, McIntyre answered in a Wednesday tweet. “however much colleen defamed and ridiculed me, im happy her video did A certain something, show you all The very sort of detestable lady she is, that a ton of us have encountered throughout recent years in the background, the cover has slipped… everybody meet the Genuine colleen ballinger.”

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